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We put 100% into getting you the credit you deserve

You could claim up to 33 pence for every pound you spend on Research and Development.

What is Growthviser?

GROWTHVISER  helps businesses recover the maximum possible tax when they invest in Research & Development.

Growthviser is a forward-thinking R&D tax specialist founded by managing director, Darina Ward, to do two things that can fuel British entrepreneurship and product development.


The first is to raise awareness of research and development (R&D) tax credits and relief and help the two-thirds of British businesses eligible for such relief complete their claims.


The second is to prevent businesses paying sky-high fees to an R&D tax claim service specialist. 


As many businesses do not know they can claim back up to 33 pence for every pound spent on developing or enhancing new products, processes or services, some specialists have taken advantage, making it a big income earner and charging exorbitant fees.


But why pay what is often around 33% of your final tax credit sum to these advisers? 


If it’s your R&D tax credit, shouldn’t you keep as much of it as possible? That’s what we believe at Growthviser, which is why our fees are significantly lower than those of other companies.  We need to cover the costs of our service but not charge you exorbitant fees, with no justification.

Meet The Team

Unlocking potential is in our nature

Darina Ward

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Our MD, founder and highly qualified tax expert, Darina, gains her inspiration from seascapes. This figures and fitness fan is also mum to a new puppy.

Sylvia Barton

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Food processing guru, Sylvia, is a walking food production encyclopaedia. Luckily, she lives in walkers’ paradise - Cumbria! 

John Whittaker

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Expert on Manufacturing and Engineering, John enjoys watching cricket and playing golf. His handicap of 8 is worth celebrating!

Richard Hodgson

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Our BDM, Richard, relishes relationship-focused sales, donning a rugby shirt and getting muddy, and then getting muddier still, through countryside pursuits.

Cattle at Sunrise

Farming R&D

Talk to our expert about how your innovation could qualify for a tax rebate.


Food Processing R&D

You could be eligible for a substantial sum back from the government.


What our Clients Say

We had no idea that we could be eligible for the R&D tax reclaim scheme or even that such a scheme existed. Meeting Growthviser was a real bonus for us, as we were unaware that innovation could be rewarded in this way, through the legitimate tax system and not a loophole.


“Darina worked diligently and professionally to prepare our claim in the language that HMRC understands, bringing her past experience to bear on it. We are sure there are many other Cumbrian businesses that could benefit from her skills in analysing a situation and preparing a claim, if clear innovations have been introduced to the market.

Lake District Farmers Managing Director, Dan Austin

Growthviser has been working with Kendal Nutricare and handling our R&D claims since 2016.   This has been a great success and has enabled our business to invest more money in research and development, to continually raise the bar in each market segment we trade within. 

“Throughout our working relationship, Darina has always been very professional, ethical and hardworking, so it was no surprise to find that her due diligence with our R&D tax claims has resulted in positive outcomes for our business.

Ross McMahon, CEO of Kendal Nutricare

We were delighted to have had the assistance of Growthviser in guiding us through the process of our first R&D tax credit claim. Although we have been innovating for many years we had previously been too daunted to claim this relief however Darina's friendly and warm approach made for a smooth and stress-free experience and a timely boost of receiving the payment from HMRC without undue delay.


The team at Growthviser are approachable and dependable and we are looking forwards to working with them on future claims. 

Joe Towers, MD of Brades Farm

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