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Case Study: Kendal Nutricare

by Darina Ward, on Mar 26, 2021 8:01:14 AM

Infant and toddler milk producers get help to explore new products through R&D Tax Credit.

Jane Hunt reports


Kendal Nutricare’s name has been intrinsically linked to innovation since it started to produce infant and toddler milk, to a traditional recipe full of nutrients and goodness and sourced from Red Tractor accredited farms, from its home of family nutrition in Kendal, the Lake District, in 2016.

Rather than adopting recipes similar to those of major global brands, Kendal Nutricare used R&D to devise a brand named ‘Kendamil’, benefiting from a recipe full of the goodness of locally sourced milk.  Further R&D enabled it to develop its infant formula recipes creating a fish oil free formula which sources its Omega 3 from plant based DHA, creating Britain’s only vegetarian formula, approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Creating a range of infant and toddler milks and cereals to innovative recipes focused on sustainability, traceability and first-class nutritional benefits, as well as dietary and religious preferences and beliefs, has led to the brand becoming a global exporter, trading in China, across South East Asia, The Middle East and Africa.

R&D in the field of adult nutrition has also seen the launch of nutrition drink, Kendalife, which draws its nutritional value from the power of superfruits.

However, by working with Darina Ward at Growthviser, innovation at Kendal Nutricare has not only resulted in new product launches, the signing of global contracts and success in winning top national and regional awards but also brought about successful and sizeable R&D tax reclaims.  The sums involved have been reinvested in the company, to further drive the development of new recipes, products and manufacturing techniques.

Ross McMahon, CEO of Kendal Nutricare, says: “Growthviser has been working with Kendal Nutricare and handling our R&D claims since 2016.   This has been a great success and has enabled our business to invest more money in research and development, to continually raise the bar in each market segment we trade within. 

“Throughout our working relationship, Darina has always been very professional, ethical and hardworking, so it was no surprise to find that her due diligence with our R&D tax claims has resulted in positive outcomes for our business.”

Darina Ward says: “Kendal Nutricare is a dynamic company and its R&D claims submissions are not necessarily easy to write.  However, Growthviser has demonstrated its skill in this area by harnessing all information, distilling it to establish the key elements that HMRC needs to review, and seeing the claim through to completion.  It proves we can not only successfully represent national, regional or local firms, supporting them through the R&D claims process, but also handle the claims of businesses trading globally.”

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