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Business Grants, R&D Tax, Sustainability 

Grow Faster with Growise App

Save up to 75% on project costs with Growise App

Save time & money. Find everything you need in one place. 

Put Growise app to work. Invest your time where it's needed.

Record your R&D tax claims on the go
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Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. No hassle or code required.

Answer a few simple questions about your  business and Growise will do the rest. 

Smart search & calculator

Growise is a revolutionary app that helps businesses find the funding they need quickly and easily. Utilizing our smart search system, you can trust that the results are tailored to your individual requirements. With Growise, you no longer need to waste time trawling the web for the right business funding.

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Customised search

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Calculate potential savings

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Fast, reliable, relevant & secure

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Create & submit your applications with ready to go templates

Growise is a revolutionary app that helps businesses of all sizes succeed in the ever-evolving grant & R&D tax landscape. With Growise, you can access easy-to-use templates written by experienced professionals who know what works and increase your chances of success by at least 10x. Create a successful grant funding & R&D tax strategy with Growise and get funding in no time.

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Apply for Grant 

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Support from award winning team

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50+ Templates

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Increased success rates 10x +

Record Grant & R&D Projects

Growise App provides a comprehensive service to help you track and manage your R&D expenditure. The app allows you to easily record evidence, organise information and collect all the data you need to submit a successful R&D claim or grant application. With Growise App, you can manage your R&D expenditure on the go and ensure that you have everything you need to make your application a success.

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R&D and Grants projects recorder 

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Record R&D evidence on the go

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Record your time spend on projects instantly

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Record trials & testing 

With Growise App you can search and apply for business grants fast and easy
With Growise App you can search and apply for business grants fast and easy

Track Progress

Growise app provides you with the ultimate monitoring and tracking experience. With our app, you are able to check your grant & R&D claims progress in real time and make informed decisions based on facts and figures. Our app is designed to help you reach your business goals faster and more effectively while securing funding you need. 

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Project team R&D

time tracker

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Personalised dashboard

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R&D & Grant

projects real time tracker

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Upload /Download documents

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New grants notification

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Business funding notifications

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R&D claims notifications

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Schedule meeting with award inning team

Get funding you need to grow your business

Growise app provides businesses with the ability to stay ahead of the competition and never miss an opportunity. Our app will notify you when new grant funding is announced, as well as keep you updated on your progress, R&D updates, and other important business finance. With Growise, you can stay ahead of the competition and be the first to receive important information, giving you the best chance of success.

Grow Your Business Faster with the Power of Growise App 

Save up to 75% on Your Projects

Get more done with less stress

Get more value for money and change the way you do business forever.
Boost your chances of success

We write grant applications with 90% success rate. This is because we know what makes a winning application.

Save at least 4 weeks of your time

Tell Growthviser about what you need and when. We will finish your grant application 10x faster and take care of the rest.

        Maximise the grant rate

With a targeted approach and intelligent software, we identify the projects and match them with the right grants at the right time.

     Scale up your business fast

Never miss out on grant funding again; get notified every time a new grant is released.

How it Works

Meet Growise App all-in-one solution for ambitious businesses

A one-stop shop that delivers grant & R&D funding and masures your sustainability goals.

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Calculate  Potential savings

Search for Grants


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Record Your R&D and Grant  Projects

Track Your Progress

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Get Grants and  R&D 

Our Clients

Why companies like us?

Growise app helps engineering business to secure business grants fast

"£450,000 secured for r&d and equipment. "

Engineering Business, UK

Blog  & Resources

The latest from Growise

Ross McMahon, CEO, Kendal Nutricare

“Growthviser has been working with Kendal Nutricare and handling our R&D & grant claims since 2016.   This has been a great success and has enabled our business to invest more money in research and development, to continually raise the bar in each market segment we trade within. Throughout our working relationship, Darina has always been very professional, ethical and hardworking."

Gary Mellen, Director, Handmark Engineering

"Handmark Engineering are delighted to have secured extra and unexpected capital enabling us to re-invest into innovative manufacturing equipment and processes. Growthviser worked diligently and efficiently making the grant claims process smooth and effortless. We will now be working with Growthviser on a long-term basis, benefiting from their insight and ability to maximise Grants potential."

Dan Austin
Director, Lake District Farmers

“We had no idea that we could be eligible for the business grants. Meeting Growthviser was a real bonus for us, as we were unaware that innovation could be rewarded in this way. Growthviser team worked swiftly and professionally to prepare our grant application. We are sure there are many other food manufacturing businesses that could benefit from their skills.”
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