Research and development in food processing

Lake District Farmers Story

For top Michelin restaurants and fine dining establishments around the country, the name Lake District Farmers is synonymous with quality. The group of around 50 farmers, who join by invitation only, proudly declare they produce the world’s finest beef and lamb, reared by farmers who care about their livestock and who are committed to creating a quality product.


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Dairy Farm Research & Development

Wannops Farms Case Study 

Family-run Wannops Farms Ltd, based at Heaton Hall Farm near Morecambe, has been recognised as a true dairy sector innovator for several year, even winning an award for its innovation in dairy feed management. However, the farm was unaware it could reclaim tax against research and development expenditure, until it met Growthviser’s farming sector specialist and heard how HMRC offers up to a 33 pence in the Pound refund on such costs. 


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Engineering R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits Handmark Engineering Ltd

Handmark Engineering – which designs, tests, manufactures and installs unique and substantial fabrications and specialised, high-tolerance machine parts  for the marine, nuclear, offshore and paper-making sectors  – submitted its very first R&D claim with Growthviser’s professional assistance. 


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Food Manufacturing R&D Tax Credits

Bowland Pork , Beef & Lamb  

“When Richard first approached us with regards to potential R&D tax relief for our business I was unsure and a little sceptical about the process.  

  During the initial meeting with Richard and Darina they highlighted to us a couple of larger projects we had undertaken which had included elements of research and development. We discussed the projects further and reports were produced by Growthviser.   

To date, we have successfully completed two R&D claims which have been paid out promptly. We cannot recommend Growthviser enough and we continue to work with the Growthviser team as they help us to identify R&D within current and future projects.”   


Ben Holland, MD  


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Food Manufacturing R&D Tax Credits

Case Study Kendal Nutricare Ltd

Kendal Nutricare’s name has been intrinsically linked to innovation since it started to produce infant and toddler milk, to a traditional recipe full of nutrients and goodness and sourced from Red Tractor accredited farms, from its home of family nutrition in Kendal, the Lake District, in 2016.


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Business R&D Tax Credits

Phil Collier Associates

Darina has been a real asset to a number of my clients, securing both R&D tax credits and business development grants. She is able to understand the intricacies of a business remarkably speedily and then follow this with detailed submissions that deliver positive and prompt results.
Darina brings a wealth of financial knowledge and experience, gained across a wide variety of sectors to her clients. With her very easy and personable style, she will almost imperceptibly become a key member of your team, enabling you to concentrate on running your business whilst she focuses on enhancing your cash flow through tax credits and grants.
Having witnessed first-hand the results that she has brought to some of my clients, in my opinion, Darina is a ‘must-go-to’ addition to any business. 

Phil Collier, MD

R&D Tax Credits Engineering

Accurite Industries Testimonial

Here at Accurite Industries, prior to meeting with Growthviser, we believed we had undertaken R&D within our business projects but we were unsure how to go about processing a successful claim.
The Growthviser team met with us and re-affirmed the R&D we had invested in and subsequently composed and submitted a claim on our behalf. The claim was successful, and we continue to work with Growthviser on our existing and future R&D projects.

Mark Brownlee, Director   

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R&D Tax Credits Food Manufacturing Butchery

Cornvale Fine Foods Ltd

"When Richard approached us about R&D tax credits I was unaware a business like ours was eligible to claim. 

During a meeting with Growthviser's Richard and Darina they highlighted how we had innovated various products and manufacturing processes, and we were therefore able to claim for some of the costs invested in our projects. 

Growthviser continue to work with us and highlight available grants and funding to help the business grow. "

Patrick Leahy, General Manager 

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LVP R&D Tax Credits Construction

Lune Valley Pods 

"We really appreciated the personal and professional service Growthviser provided. When we initially spoke with Richard and Darina, during our initial meeting, it became apparent we had a significant amount of research and development which we had not accounted for previously.

Growthviser had extensive manufacturing knowledge and invested a lot of time learning the ins and outs of our business in order to produce the report required. The report for submission was prepared carefully and thoroughly, which resulted in an exceptional R&D tax refund.

The Growthviser team continues to work with us, helping the business with both R&D tax refunds and business grants."


Sam Westworth, Managing Director


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R&D Tax Credits Farming, Food Manufacturing

Brades Farm

We were delighted to have had the assistance of Growthviser in guiding us through the process of our first R&D tax credit claim. Although we have been innovating for many years we had previously been too daunted to claim this relief however Darina's friendly and warm approach made for a smooth and stress-free experience and a timely boost of receiving the payment from HMRC without undue delay.

The team at Growthviser are approachable and dependable and we are looking forwards to working with them on future claims.

Joe Towers, Managing Director

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