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Our Founder

I founded Growthviser to bring the benefits of R&D tax reclaims to the small, dynamic and innovative businesses that often have no idea that this tax benefit exists. I am passionate about raising awareness of this financial reward for innovation, which is why I left the corporate world and followed my heart. Little did I know that, within just a few months, coronavirus would have impacted on our world, making it more imperative than ever that small business entrepreneurs, forward thinking farmers, and everyone from food industry innovators to digital disruptors, take up their right to the R&D tax rebate.

I derive huge satisfaction from helping these dedicated smaller businesses negotiate the HMRC system governing these tax refunds, knowing that my expertise can directly help them to grow and flourish, as well as driving the economy forward. I hope that you, if you are an ‘innovator’, or someone who has come at their business from a different angle, to do things differently, will pick up the phone and get in touch .

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Our Story

Our founder, Darina Ward, is ex-Deloitte and now working with others who trained or worked with the global accountancy giant, including our gurus Anastacia and Rita.

Darina is down-to-earth and a breath of fresh air in a dull, grey accountancy world. Hugely trusted by her clients, she’s made massive strides with the business since its foundation. Little wonder then that Growthviser is transforming the face of R&D tax credits and Darina has recruited a team of top specialists to work with her, all equally committed to the vision of not just reclaiming tax for businesses, but being in it with clients for the long haul, taking delight in watching them grow and helping them secure grant funding and other innovation support.

Take John, for instance. He has more manufacturing and engineering experience than many acquire in their lifetime and he’s pouring it all into the enrichment of our clients’ businesses.

The same is true for Sylvia, who has a real passion and years of experience in food manufacturing and quality control and who not only assists clients in this sector with their R&D tax reclaims and growth journeys but also delivers in-depth technical advice to those requiring it.

Richard is our sales force of nature but also our agricultural expert, having worked in the sector and grown up on a farm. We’re all from different backgrounds but we all deeply care about our clients and love working with all sizes of business.

R&D isn’t just for giants, but for businesses like yours – small, medium or large. Whatever size you are, you won’t get a one-approach-suits-all philosophy from Growthviser.

We are here for your R&D tax reclaim today, but still around to help you grow tomorrow

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Meet Our Specialist Team

Unlocking potential is in our nature

John Whittaker

John is Growthviser’s adviser for Research and Development and Innovation in manufacturing and engineering. John's experience as a Factory Manager and Senior Change Manager for household names such as Kraft Heinz, H J Heinz, Boots PLC and GSK means that he has expert knowledge about driving improvement and establishing robust processes and practices.

His role often focused on product quality and integrity, as well as overall operational efficiencies.  His expertise is such that he was chosen to lead a California-based investigation into excessive quality management costs, on behalf of Kraft Heinz.

John has an eye for where and how innovation has taken place within   manufacturing or engineering establishments. He has the ability to spot processes and actions that a client might overlook in a R&D tax reclaim.

John has a background in Mechanical Engineering with a degree in management study, plus experience in a variety of relevant areas, such as: HACCP; legionella, allergen and microbiological risk control; project, production and mechanical engineering and dairy science and technology.

His experience gives Growthviser huge advantages as an R&D tax reclaim specialist for manufacturing and engineering businesses.

Sylvia Barton

Sylvia Barton is Growthviser’s highly accredited food-sector specialist, bringing three decades of experience to the team.  Sylvia has spent much of her career working for global brand H J Heinz, but also delivered her new product development, food science and HACCP insight to innovative infant and health food manufacturer and Queen’s Award-accredited business, Kendal Nutricare, following its purchase of the H J Heinz factory in Kendal.

Sylvia’s experience spans all aspects of food manufacture and production, much of it innovative in nature and driven by brands continually strategising for new product development, to bring novel and healthy food products to market.  At H J Heinz, she not only worked in conjunction with the R&D team on Heinz-branded products but was also integral to the launch of white-labelled goods, manufactured for other brands.

Her technical knowledge has been acquired through working in many different areas of food production. These include laboratory work, pilot and industrial trials geared at formulating and introducing new or improved recipes or products and the supervision of new product manufacturing.  When it comes to new product research and development, she has worked directly with top R&D teams from companies such as Meiji and United Pharmaceuticals.

First-rate quality control comes as second nature to Sylvia.  She fully understands and has herself shaped the legislative and testing framework within which food manufacturing needs to take place and is highly experienced in all aspects of food manufacturing R&D and compliance.  Her input with food manufacturers’ R&D tax reclaims is invaluable.

Peter Rough 

Anastacia Shabalina

Qualified ACCA accountant with over a decade of experience as a Senior Audit Manager in Big Four Firm. Passionate about advising businesses on tax-related issues.

Andrew Smith 

Andrew is our I.T. expert with nearly 25 years experience in systems engineering and application development.

In recent years, project-management skills have been developed to provide an all-round capability in delivering solutions. 

After completing a degree in Multimedia Systems Design (Hons), Andrew's career began working in the grassroots of the I.T. industry working for some of the largest I.T. corporations and dealing with Clients in the U.K, U.S.A and Europe.

Supporting and developing Systems worldwide has allowed him to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience.

What our Clients say

Lune Valley Timber Buildings

“We really appreciated the personal and professional service Growthviser provided. When we initially spoke with Richard and Darina, during our initial meeting, it became apparent we had a significant amount of research and development which we had not accounted for previously.
Growthviser had extensive manufacturing knowledge and invested a lot of time learning the ins and outs of our business in order to produce the report required. The report for submission was prepared carefully and thoroughly, which resulted in an exceptional R&D tax refund.
The Growthviser team continues to work with us, helping the business with both R&D tax refunds and business grants."

Sam Westworth
Managing director

North West Dairy Farm

"We are a forward thinking Dairy Farm always looking out for both functional and financial ways of enhancing the business.
When Richard at Growthviser contacted us we were delighted to learn of the tax relief available to us in conjunction with the research and development we carry out on the farm. Richard and Darina’s knowledge of the farming processes made claiming R&D tax relief seamless, structured and straight forward. The claim began with an initial meeting to discuss and discover the R&D taking place within the business currently and back dating two financial years. This was then followed up with a completed R&D report prepared by Growthviser for us to review before submission.
Growthviser has allowed us to further invest into the business and we continue to work with them as they highlight the R&D potentials on the farm and grants available to allow us to continually improve our business.
We would thoroughly recommend the Growthviser team to any businesses looking to recoup investments in innovation."

Joe Wannop

Bowland Beef and Pork Ltd

“When Richard first approached us with regards to potential R&D tax relief for our business I was unsure and a little sceptical about the process.
During the initial meeting with Richard and Darina they highlighted to us a couple of larger projects we had undertaken which had included elements of research and development. We discussed the projects further and reports were produced by Growthviser.
To date, we have successfully completed two R&D claims which have been paid out promptly. We cannot recommend Growthviser enough and we continue to work with the Growthviser team as they help us to identify R&D within current and future projects.” 

Ben Holland

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We are here for your R&D tax reclaim today, but still around to help you grow tomorrow

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