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Investing Further in our R&D Clients’ Growth

July 2020 news round-up from Jane Hunt

Growthviser has not only been helping other businesses across the northwest grow in the past month but has also been blooming itself, with two new faces joining us as specialist sector consultants, ready to help innovative businesses reclaim up to 33p in the pound on R&D costs.

Sylvia Barton is our new food-sector specialist and the go-to tax reclaim expert for clients innovating in food manufacturing, food processing and quality control within food production. She will also work with food businesses bringing new products to market and others concentrating on new recipe formulation. She may even get to sample some of the recipes!

Working with, rather than just ‘for’ clients, is what we are all about here, pouring all of our sector specialists’ in-depth expertise into their businesses, to help them achieve their full potential. That’s all on top of then reclaiming back as much of their money as possible from HMRC, through on-point R&D tax reclaims!

Sylvia is ideally suited to this role, having spent most of her career working for global brand

H J Heinz, playing an integral part in its product launches and white-labelled goods’ formulation and production. Never far removed from food quality and compliance, as well as pilot and industrial trials, Sylvia knows the food manufacturing sector inside out.

Then, there is John Whittaker, our new expert in mainstream manufacturing and engineering, as well as food manufacture, with an HNC in Mechanical Engineering and a degree in Management Study. John has earned his stripes as a factory manager and senior change manager with Kraft Heinz and H J Heinz in the UK and has worked for Boots plc and GSK. He has also handled a consultancy project in California, on Kraft Heinz’s request.

John brings invaluable expertise to the table for our manufacturing and engineering clients, for whom he will be a brilliant sounding board and insight-filled consultant, as well as R&D tax reclaim specialist. He has all the expertise to build client trust and catapult businesses towards their next goal and is looking forward to working with some fantastic clients.

Just a few months ago, you may recall that dynamic farm-sector specialist, Joe Towers, of Brades Farm and Brades Farm Barista Milk fame, was entering our Growthviser stable, as a high-calibre individual, consultant and award-winner. Joe will now work alongside Sylvia, John and Darina, preparing R&D tax reclaims.

With this superb team, we are now working with some of the UK’s most outstanding innovators and nimble thinkers, enabling them to reinvest thousands in their businesses following receipt of their R&D tax reclaim cheques.

Darina says: “We are delighted to have Sylvia and John on board and are already on a quest to recruit our next sector experts. By not just getting involved with businesses at the end of the innovation pathway but also being part of that path’s foundations, we offer a unique business proposition. We not only help bring money back into a client’s business but enrich it and invest our expertise in it too, from day one of taking up the client’s instructions.”

Do get in touch with us, on 0844 549 9400, to find out if you are eligible for an R&D tax reclaim. It’s not just for those with true lightbulb moments but also those for whom thinking differently is in their nature. Is that you?

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