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Farmers Guardian Article - Why Growthviser is the Pick of the Crop

by Darina Ward, on Mar 19, 2021 4:25:00 PM

Growthviser is an expert grants and R&D tax credit consultancy, working with farmers across all sectors of the farming community and channelling accountancy experience earned with global accounting giant Deloitte, in a jargon-free, down-to-earth way.

Growthviser appreciates farmers have other things to do than scan the horizon for available grants, assess their eligibility and consider whether their activities are classed as research and development for tax credit purposes. It knows many eligible farms miss out. That is why it works with its many farming clients, such as Lake District Farmers and Bowland Pork, Beef and Lamb, to help them in a field not their own. It is why it builds long-term relationships with customers and does not just dive in at the time of a tax credit and leave them floundering with growth strategies thereafter. Growthviser’s team are with farmers in the long-term, nurturing growth. That makes Growthviser different.

Its service is about more than just grant applications or creating on-point accountancy reports so farmers can gain up to 33p in the Pound back from HMRC on R&D expenditure. It fuels entrepreneurship, whether in food and drink manufacture, crop yield maximisation, climate change adaptations, animal health and welfare, new product development, food safety, retail or tourism. It has assembled a team of top specialists with in-depth experience in all areas and uses its expertise for clients’ growth. By combining its grant application and R&D tax credit services, Growthviser strategically maximises a farmer’s financial position and gains the optimal growth potential from both channels, reducing total farm project costs by up to 50%. It pinpoints possible growth areas when creating its R&D report and identifies grants that can help make growth happen. 

No fee is charged, if there is no identified R&D. An initial consultation is also free.

Growthviser focuses on the long-term mentoring of growth and profitability down on the farm. It truly is the pick of the crop when it comes to farming growth consultancy.

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