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Looking Forward to the Rural Business Awards Finals...

by Darina Ward, on Sep 27, 2021 9:00:00 AM

The team at Growthviser has an exciting week ahead, no matter what happens on Friday, October 1, the date of the Rural Business Awards, in which we are a finalist for ‘Best Rural Professional Services Business’.

To reach these finals was testament to Growthviser’s approach to R&D tax credits and grant funding, with specific reference to our focus on the farming and field to fork sectors, from food manufacturing to food service and Michelin-Star restaurant experiences. We submitted evidence several months ago, which was already full of details of our positive results and impacts.

 Since then, however, we have further forged ahead, unlocking more rural business potential and developing new tools for our clients, which take the pain out of the process of having to apply for these financial benefits. These put the task of evidence collection on our shoulders, not theirs.

 This is integral to our approach, which is all about being more than just a tax or grant funding consultant and actually investing our skills and expertise in the companies and rural businesses with which we work, so we are more of a mentor and business development manager than just an accountant or grant advisor. That’s the difference that shines through and which is transformative for our clients’ businesses. 

The Growthviser Difference

This desire to be with our clients for the long haul has set us apart and this is down to the in-depth expertise that our team possesses but also their make-up as people – people who want to see clients flourish, develop and grow, because they personally gain so much from being part of their clients’ stories.

 As well as developing new tools for our clients’ benefit, we have added a new degree of flexibility to our offering. In some cases, we can now be even more than the growth mentor, actually partnering with a business that has supreme potential to be a UK business star, in whatever field it may operate. Where we do partner with a business, we can take an even greater dive into its operations, driving growth to the nth degree and maximising every ounce of potential.

 Further support for rural businesses

 These latest developments augment the credentials on which we have already become finalists at the Rural Business Awards. That is why, whatever the result, we will be proud and content, as we now have even more in the tank with which to drive rural businesses forward and we know that what we can offer simply cannot be matched elsewhere. 

We anticipate more rural businesses turning to us for help as a result of our success in the Rural Business Awards but will still continue to work with others, who might not necessarily regard themselves as rural or who feel they are on the fringes of the rural community. That could be a food manufacturer, a chef, an agricultural supplier or engineering company or possibly even you. It’s definitely worth a chat about it. 

If you need help with your growth strategies and would welcome the opportunity to boost your growth budget through tax reclaims on your innovation expenditure and successful grant funding applications, we should be your first port of call. 

Call 0844 549 9400 to make a no-obligation enquiry or visit www.growthviser.com to learn more about what we do and how we do it.