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We give professional, competent advice and support relating to research and development tax credits. We offer an end–to–end service, which sees us handling everything for you, enabling you to focus on your business


When you work with Growthviser, you will be matched with a specialist growth adviser. They will invest their time and expertise in helping you grow, if you would value such support.

Your specialist advisor will work alongside you and your team, making R&D tax credits a launchpad for what could be a programme of dynamic growth or a strengthening of your business. In other words, we will take the ethos of the HMRC R&D tax credit scheme and really make it work, in practice, within your business.

Your advisor will be with you throughout your journey and will not just be in touch once a year, when it’s time to review your R&D claim. Use them as your sounding board and dedicated consultant, as that’s what they are.

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R&D Tax Consultancy




Talk to our expert about how your innovation could qualify for R&D tax relief.

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Manufacturing & Engineering

Innovations in manufacturing and engineering come in many guises, from projects tackling improvements in operational efficiencies to those focused on enhanced yields.

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Food Manufacturing

You could be eligible for a substantial sum back from the government.

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What our Clients Say

Lune Valley Timber Buildings

“We really appreciated the personal and professional service Growthviser provided. When we initially spoke with Richard and Darina, during our initial meeting, it became apparent we had a significant amount of research and development which we had not accounted for previously.
Growthviser had extensive manufacturing knowledge and invested a lot of time learning the ins and outs of our business in order to produce the report required. The report for submission was prepared carefully and thoroughly, which resulted in an exceptional R&D tax refund.
The Growthviser team continues to work with us, helping the business with both R&D tax refunds and business grants."

Sam Westworth
Managing director

North West Dairy Farm

"We are a forward thinking Dairy Farm always looking out for both functional and financial ways of enhancing the business.
When Richard at Growthviser contacted us we were delighted to learn of the tax relief available to us in conjunction with the research and development we carry out on the farm. Richard and Darina’s knowledge of the farming processes made claiming R&D tax relief seamless, structured and straight forward. The claim began with an initial meeting to discuss and discover the R&D taking place within the business currently and back dating two financial years. This was then followed up with a completed R&D report prepared by Growthviser for us to review before submission.
Growthviser has allowed us to further invest into the business and we continue to work with them as they highlight the R&D potentials on the farm and grants available to allow us to continually improve our business.
We would thoroughly recommend the Growthviser team to any businesses looking to recoup investments in innovation."

Joe Wannop

Bowland Beef and Pork Ltd

“When Richard first approached us with regards to potential R&D tax relief for our business I was unsure and a little sceptical about the process.
During the initial meeting with Richard and Darina they highlighted to us a couple of larger projects we had undertaken which had included elements of research and development. We discussed the projects further and reports were produced by Growthviser.
To date, we have successfully completed two R&D claims which have been paid out promptly. We cannot recommend Growthviser enough and we continue to work with the Growthviser team as they help us to identify R&D within current and future projects.” 

Ben Holland

Phil Collier Associates

Darina has been a real asset to a number of my clients, securing both R&D tax credits and business development grants. She is able to understand the intricacies of a business remarkably speedily and then follow this with detailed submissions that deliver positive and prompt results.
Darina brings a wealth of financial knowledge and experience, gained across a wide variety of sectors to her clients. With her very easy and personable style, she will almost imperceptibly become a key member of your team, enabling you to concentrate on running your business whilst she focuses on enhancing your cash flow through tax credits and grants.
Having witnessed first-hand the results that she has brought to some of my clients, in my opinion, Darina is a ‘must-go-to’ addition to any business. 

Phil Collier

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We are here for your R&D tax reclaim today, but still around to help you grow tomorrow

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