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The Growthviser R&D Tax Credit Approach

  • We give professional, competent advice and support relating to R&D tax claims, at a fraction of the cost of others


  • We offer a choice of an end-to-end service, which sees us handling everything for you, or an online service, which allows you to use our unique and intelligent portal to make your own R&D tax credit claim, which we then review, prior to sending it to HMRC.


  • We offer clients a service with a 100% success rate and expertise that has processed millions of pounds of claims


  • We have a team of experts from a wide range of industries, so you can access help from someone who understands how your business ticks

Fair and Transparent


We will charge you only a fraction of the fees of other R&D tax credit consultancies, at a rate that is fair, transparent and on a decreasing scale, in recognition of the fact that the first claim and learning all about your business, takes more time than subsequent claims.


You end up with more money in the bank – often from a tax claim you didn’t know you could make.

R&D Tax Credits Explained

R&D tax credits and reliefs were devised to help British businesses grow faster. R&D may sound like a dark art, but it isn’t just for scientists!  


These research and development tax credits are designed to reward British companies, of all shapes and sizes, for their decision to invest time and money in research and innovation.


Thinking that it’s all about laboratories and rocket science is probably why two-thirds of eligible businesses miss out!


If that is you, you can get in touch here.

What counts as research and innovation?

The definition of these terms is far wider in scope than many companies believe.  R&D can occur in many fields – engineering, manufacturing, farming, recreation, education, construction and even administration.  


R&D tax relief is available to UK companies of all sizes and can apply to product development, process development and improvement, software development, quality-driven innovation and much more.


Furthermore, other activities relating to these disciplines can be included within your claim, with project management being just one example.

How will my business benefit from R&D tax credits?

UK companies which are eligible for R&D tax relief, having spent time and money on research and innovation, can make a tax credit claim that typically results in a reward of either:


  • a cash payment

  • a reduction in their Corporation Tax bill


If you believe you have missed out on this, there is some good news, as backdated R&D tax relief claims can be made for the last two completed accounting periods.


Claiming back what is legally yours could have a positive effect on your business, providing you with extra cash within the business.


If you need to start a claim, please get in touch today.

The Growthviser R&D Tax Relief Claims Process

The Growthviser R&D Tax Relief Claims Process


Growthviser can assist a business wishing to make an R&D tax relief claim in two ways:


  • by offering an end-to-end service

​      OR

  • by offering R&D Claim checking and submission service

Read on, to see which is right for you.

End-to-End R&D Tax Relief Service

This service is the one for any business which needs handholding throughout the claims process, or which is time-poor and does not have the hours required to complete the paperwork themselves.  


Growthviser works with the client on a full consultancy basis, answering all questions, completing all documentation and submitting the claim.  


This service is often the right choice for those:


  • making their first claim


  • needing to submit backdated claims for the last two accounting periods


  • who are time-poor or employee-lean companies 


  • needing Growthviser’s experts to calculate and handle the whole claim

This is a face-to-face service, where you will meet with our specialists and then have to devote little time to the claim’s processing and management. You can get on with the day job, leaving Growthviser to do the rest.


We will only charge a fee, if we are successful with your claim, so please get in touch today.

R&D Tax Relief Checking Service Portal

Here, you handle your own claims submission using our unique online portal, which will guide you through the process, enabling you to calculate and confirm the details of your R&D claim.


Once you have completed all questions and submitted the details to Growthviser, we will review the information and check that all answers have been provided as required.  


This service is typically the right choice for those:


  • who have made a previous claim and are familiar with the process.


  • who have time to complete all the required claims information and submit the details or have in-house employees with some knowledge of what to do.


Again, we will only charge a fee, if we are successful with your claim, so please get in touch today.

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